Journey as a migrant to New Zealand – day 1

With an air of anticipation and excitement, he embarks on a transformative journey to the verdant landscapes of New Zealand. As the day of his departure finally dawns, he prepares to embrace his new identity as an NRI – Non-Resident Indian. Venturing beyond the familiar shores of his homeland, he eagerly sets forth to discover uncharted territories, vibrant cultures, and limitless opportunities in this distant land.

Embarking on this journey in pursuit of greater prospects, he seeks to enhance both his career in the IT industry and the lives of his family. With aspirations to enrich their collective experience, this migration to New Zealand marks a significant turning point. As time progresses and he establishes roots in this new land, he anticipates acquiring permanent residency. In doing so, he will proudly adopt the title of an NRI, symbolizing his transformative journey and personal growth.

Today marked a poignant farewell, as he bade adieu to his family and the warmth of his home. With a heart filled with mixed emotions, he embarked on his journey, boarding the Singapore Airlines flight from New Delhi airport.

Take off path from New Delhi Airport
Take off path from New Delhi Airport

Bound for Singapore, this stopover served as a stepping stone towards his ultimate destination, the enchanting land of New Zealand. As the plane soared into the skies, he left behind familiar ground, embracing the promise of an exciting new chapter in his life.

A migrant to New Zealand – Migranz – day 2

Today marked a significant milestone in his journey as he finally arrived in the enchanting land of New Zealand. After completing the necessary customs formalities, he was warmly welcomed by a friend who drove him from the airport to their home, where he would be staying for the next few days.

Auckland skyline

The atmosphere was filled with happiness and anticipation as he settled in, preparing to embark on the crucial task of finding new employment.

Although he had initially secured a job in this foreign land, unforeseen circumstances led to the revocation of his offer just two weeks prior, as the company faced the challenges brought on by an economic recession. Undeterred, he remained optimistic and determined to forge ahead, confident that the opportunities awaiting him in New Zealand would lead to a bright and prosperous future.

Air view showing airport and present home

Migranz – a migrant to New Zealand – day 3

In Auckland, the skies were painted with a gentle drizzle, and a cool breeze whispered through the air. The city was abuzz with festive spirit, as residents prepared to celebrate Good Friday and the subsequent long weekend. The holiday atmosphere filled the streets, as people took a break from their daily routines to spend time with loved ones and revel in the occasion.

With the guidance of his friend, he ventured out to a nearby market to gather provisions for his meals. Navigating the vibrant stalls and aisles, he marveled at the array of fresh produce and local delicacies on offer. It was a perfect opportunity for him to acquaint himself with the flavors and culinary traditions of his new home.

Back at his friend’s house, he found himself with ample time on his hands. He seized the opportunity to connect with his family members in India, sharing stories and giving them a virtual tour of the cozy abode he was temporarily calling home. Though he enjoyed these cherished conversations, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of boredom, as he yearned to begin exploring his new environment and immerse himself in the diverse experiences that New Zealand had to offer.

Lane view – Titirangi

Embracing Change: A Migrant’s Exploration of New Zealand’s Opportunities – day 4

The sun shone brightly overhead, casting a warm glow on the continuation of the long weekend. Eager to explore his new surroundings, he decided to visit a nearby mall, experiencing the convenience of the local bus service as he traversed the city.


To his delight, he discovered a taste of home within the mall’s bustling food court, as he savored the familiar flavors of Indian stuffed paranthas. His shopping expedition also led him to stock up on essential groceries, such as milk and eggs, to prepare nourishing meals during his stay.

With the practicalities of daily life in order, he turned his attention to the crucial task of securing employment. He diligently prepared himself for the upcoming final round of interviews and selection, focusing on presenting his best self to potential employers.

He couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between the uncongested roads of his new city and the bustling thoroughfares of New Delhi or other Indian metropolises. The open streets seemed to reflect the boundless opportunities he sought, reaffirming his conviction that New Zealand was the perfect destination for embarking on an exciting new chapter in his life.

A Migrant’s Journey Through Auckland’s Wonders – day 5

The clouds gathered overhead once more, casting a chilly veil over the day, the temperature dropping a few degrees lower than the previous one. Anticipation for the Easter holiday hung in the air, promising yet another day of rest and relaxation.

With the additional time on his hands, he took the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for upcoming interviews scheduled for the following week. He also contemplated reaching out to the company that had initially offered him a job but later revoked it due to unforeseen circumstances. Now that he was physically present in Auckland, he hoped his persistence might turn the situation in his favor.

Later, one of his friends treated him to a visit to Bikanervala in Henderson, where he indulged in the mouthwatering flavors of Indian chhole bhature.

Bikanervala at Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand
Robot at Bikanervala

The mouthwatering flavors of Indian chhole bhature tantalized his taste buds, as the rich, spicy chhole – a hearty chickpea curry – perfectly complemented the golden, crispy bhature. These deep-fried breads, with their soft, fluffy interiors, were a delightful contrast to the robust, aromatic flavors of the curry.

This classic North Indian dish provided a nostalgic taste of home, evoking cherished memories and comforting him with the familiar flavors that transcended continents.

As they dined, he marveled at the sight of a robot efficiently serving orders to the tables, a testament to the technological advancements seamlessly integrated into daily life.

And so, the days continued to unfold, each one presenting new experiences and challenges, as he navigated the intricacies of his new life in New Zealand.

Embracing Renewal and Hope in New Zealand – day 6

In New Zealand, Easter Monday signifies the conclusion of a leisurely four-day weekend, which begins with Good Friday. As the holiday winds down, many individuals head back from their short out-of-town excursions, rejuvenated by the refreshing change of scenery. At the same time, others prefer to unwind within the comfort of their homes, savoring the tranquility of a well-deserved break.

Families use the Easter festivities as an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. A popular tradition is the Easter egg hunt, where children eagerly search for colorful, hidden treasures. Other Easter-related activities also bring joy and laughter, while the sweet indulgence of chocolate eggs remains a beloved highlight.

On this day, some churches hold special Easter Monday services to commemorate the occasion, emphasizing the spiritual significance of the holiday. As a public holiday in New Zealand, Easter Monday leads to the closure of schools, government offices, and many businesses.

The holiday’s themes of renewal, hope, and the triumph of light over darkness provide a beacon of reassurance for him. These themes remind him that even in the face of adversity, the promise of new beginnings and opportunities is just around the corner.

Inspired by the Easter message of rebirth and renewal, he finds renewed vigor as he navigates the unfamiliar landscape of his new life in New Zealand. Embracing the holiday’s themes of hope and perseverance, he takes solace in the knowledge that each challenge he encounters serves as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

Embarking on this journey, he sees it as an opportunity to redefine himself, surmount obstacles, and lay the foundation for a brighter future in a new land. With unwavering determination, he forges ahead, embracing the boundless possibilities that await him in his new home.

As Tuesday dawns, a working day in Auckland, traffic begins to build as thousands of holidaymakers return from the Easter long weekend. By 2 pm Monday, northbound traffic on State Highway 1 between Horsham Downs and Taupiri is steadily increasing, resulting in long, slow queues.

Traffic on high-way, Auckland

Although the skies are mostly clear at the top of the country, MetService has advised that Auckland and Northland “may briefly turn stormy out of the blue.” After recording 14,002 lightning strikes overnight, MetService cautions that some Kiwis may experience more wet weather today.

In the midst of these developments, he is filled with anticipation as he prepares for the next round of interviews. As he looks forward to the opportunities and adventures that New Zealand has to offer, he remains hopeful that good news will soon arrive, setting the stage for a fulfilling and prosperous life in his new home.

Settling In: Awaiting Opportunities in New Zealand – day 7

Under a sky adorned with intermittent clouds, Auckland’s weather remains pleasantly mild. Daytime temperatures hover around 19-20 degrees Celsius, while nights bring cooler air with temperatures dipping to around 11-12 degrees Celsius.

As he enters his second week in New Zealand, he gears up for the next round of interviews. Filled with determination and anticipation, he confidently approaches each opportunity to showcase his skills and talents.

The interview goes well, leaving him with a sense of accomplishment and optimism. The results will be revealed in just a day or two, so he eagerly awaits the outcome, hoping for a positive response.

Time swiftly passes, with days melding into weeks, and the weeks gradually accumulating before the month comes to an end. Throughout this period, he patiently awaits good news regarding employment, knowing that a favorable outcome would pave the way for his eventual settlement in New Zealand.

With each passing day, he grows more accustomed to his new surroundings and remains steadfast in his pursuit of a bright and prosperous future. He holds on to the hope that soon, he will secure a stable job and take the final steps toward establishing a fulfilling life in this beautiful country.

Lane view – New Zealand

Navigating New Beginnings: Adventures and Job Prospects in Auckland – day 8

Embarking on the second week since he bid farewell to his home in New Delhi, India, he is gradually adapting to his new life.

His spirits remain high, despite the wait for further interviews or feedback on previous ones. He maintains communication with the managers from the company that initially offered him a position, hopeful that potential openings might arise in the coming week.

With a free afternoon at his disposal, he seizes the opportunity to explore the local market at Warehouse New Lynn. To share the experience with his loved ones back home, he initiates a video call and takes his family on a virtual tour of the mall, bridging the distance and keeping them involved in his new life.

The Warehouse, New Lynn.

As he continues to discover the many facets of Auckland, he simultaneously prepares for his eventual settlement in the city. With optimism and determination, he eagerly anticipates securing a rewarding job offer in New Zealand, confident that it will be a significant step towards building a bright and fulfilling future in his adopted home.

Chasing Opportunities: A Day of Preparation in Auckland – day 9

Under the radiant sun, Auckland basks in a warm and inviting atmosphere. However, as evening approaches, the temperature dips, prompting him to don a sweater to stay cozy indoors.

In anticipation of an upcoming interview, he diligently prepares himself, eager to seize the opportunity for employment. He reviews his materials, rehearses his responses, and gathers the necessary documents, ensuring that he is fully equipped to make a strong impression.

As the day draws to a close, he reflects on his time in New Zealand thus far. With each passing day, he continues to adjust and adapt, embracing the challenges and opportunities that come his way in this new chapter of his life.

Titirangi crossing – Auckland, New Zealand

Navigating Opportunities: Interviews and Discovering LynnMall, Auckland, New Zealand – day 10

Today marked a significant milestone in his job search as he aced an interview that left him feeling confident and hopeful. The positive feedback he received on the spot indicated that he had cleared this stage, and now he eagerly awaits an update, potentially for a third-round interview, in the coming week.

LynnMall – Auckland, New Zealand

Seeking to unwind after the interview, he ventured out to LynnMall in the afternoon. The trip proved to be an enjoyable respite, providing him with a delightful change of scenery. As hunger set in, he treated himself to a tasty burger at the McDonald’s outlet in LynnMall, which has been proudly owned and operated by local franchisees Dinesh & Anita Mani since 2007.

Burger – McDonald, Auckland, New Zealand

Before leaving the mall, he made sure to stock up on groceries from Countdown, conveniently located within LynnMall. As New Zealand’s first shopping center, LynnMall has been a staple in Auckland’s western suburbs for over half a century, continuously adapting to the community’s evolving needs.

With yet another interview lined up for next Tuesday, he remains optimistic that a rewarding opportunity is just around the corner.

In the evening, he prepared a simple meal of boiled vegetables. Finding the dish somewhat bland, he decided to spice things up by adding a touch of Maggi seasoning, elevating the flavors and satisfying his palate.

Second Weekend Adventures and Anticipation in New Zealand – day 11

As he enters his second weekend in New Zealand, the previous week feels shorter due to the Easter Monday holiday. Auckland’s overcast weather sets a cozy atmosphere for the weekend, inviting him to spend time indoors.

Staying at home, he uses this time to catch up on chores such as washing clothes and organizing his living space. With an upcoming interview on Tuesday, he also dedicates time to research and preparation, ensuring he’s ready to seize any opportunity that comes his way.

To kick off the weekend, he shares a delicious breakfast of beans and scrambled eggs with another tenant living in the house. The camaraderie and conversation make the meal all the more enjoyable and add to the feeling of settling into his new life.

Beans and scrambled eggs with bread

His friend and the house’s owner is set to return from India on Monday at noon. Their arrival is another significant event to look forward to, as it marks the start of a new chapter for both of them in New Zealand.

With confidence and determination, he eagerly anticipates the coming week, hoping for positive news about his job prospects in New Zealand. As he continues to adapt to his new surroundings, he remains optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead, ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of his new life.

Upper Nihotupu Dam, Auckland’s second-oldest water supply dam, marked its 100th anniversary on Friday. Located in the Waitakere Ranges, it is one of five dams in the area and contributes to the Huia Treatment Plant. As one of the two gravity-fed dams, it provides a sustainable water source for Auckland, delivering 22 million liters of water daily.

Upper Nihotupu Dam – Auckland, New Zealand

Exploring Auckland’s Vibrant Markets and Awaiting Opportunities – day 12

On Sunday, with no pressing tasks to complete, he decided to dedicate a few hours to exploring the city and soaking in the local atmosphere.

His first stop was the PAK’nSAVE mall, renowned for offering New Zealand’s most affordable food prices.

PAK’nSAVE, Mt. Albert, Auckland, New Zealand

To reach his destination, he hopped on a bus from South Lynn Road, which took him to PAK’nSAVE Mt Albert, conveniently located near the Avondale neighborhood.

South Lynn Road – New Zealand

Once there, he was delighted to stumble upon the bustling Avondale Sunday market, New Zealand’s largest one-day market and oldest running market.

The vibrant, multicultural market showcased an array of products and food from a diverse range of Pacific and Asian countries. The market is particularly famous for its exceptional bargains on fresh fruits, vegetables, and car boot items, which he happily browsed.

LynnMall Crossing

Later, as he waited for his return bus at the LynnMall crossing, he spent some time observing the comings and goings at the busy bus stand, taking in the lively atmosphere.

Upon returning home in the evening, he focused on planning his upcoming workweek, filled with optimism and anticipation for positive news regarding his job opportunities in New Zealand. He looked forward to embracing the challenges ahead and settling into his new life in the beautiful country.

Embracing Success: A New Chapter Begins in New Zealand – day 13

As he enters his third week in New Zealand, he has made substantial strides in building a secure and prosperous life in this new and unfamiliar environment. The recent success in his job search has instilled a newfound sense of confidence, propelling him forward in pursuit of his goals.

With the confirmation of his selection at one company, he now patiently anticipates the formal offer letter. The forthcoming letter, expected within a week or two, will provide crucial details about his new role, including his start date and other important information. This significant achievement brings him one step closer to establishing a stable foundation in his adopted home.

His family, who have been closely following his progress, share in the joy and excitement of this important milestone. They extend their heartfelt congratulations and offer unwavering support as he continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this life-changing journey.

Despite the positive news from one company, he remains diligent in exploring all potential avenues for employment. He prepares for upcoming interviews with another company in New Zealand, determined to leave no stone unturned.

By maintaining focus and perseverance, he is well on his way to building a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling life in his new home at Auckland in New Zealand.

Auckland Skyline from other end – New Zealand

Embracing New Beginnings: Gratitude and Planning for Family Life in New Zealand – day 14

As he held the offer letter from the company that selected him, a sense of accomplishment washed over him. Today, he also had an interview with another company, which went well. He remains optimistic about the possibility of a second interview in the upcoming week.

However, his mind is set on accepting the offer from the first company tomorrow. He’s already planning for his family’s arrival in New Zealand and is starting to search for a suitable rental home for them to live in. The salary offered is not luxurious, but it’s decent enough to support his family. Moreover, his spouse will also have the opportunity to work, which would further contribute to their family income.

In the evening, he visited the Bharatiya Mandir Hindu Temple in Auckland, accompanied by his friend who drove him there. Unfortunately, they arrived late, and the temple doors were closed. Despite this, he stood outside the temple, bowed his head, and expressed his gratitude to the gods for guiding him on this journey. He felt truly thankful for the opportunity to build a new life for himself and his family in the beautiful foreign land of New Zealand.

Bharatiya Mandir Hindu Temple in Auckland

Financial Adjustments and New Beginnings in New Zealand – day 15

Adjusting to his new job offer, he took the time to understand the financial aspects of living in New Zealand. He discovered that the income tax liability was higher than what he was used to, approximately 33%. Despite this, he remained optimistic and focused on the benefits of his new life.

He calculated that about 50% of his income would go towards rent and bills, but he was confident that the remaining 50% would afford him and his family a comfortable lifestyle in New Zealand. With a strong work ethic and determination, he believed that his salary would increase over time, further improving their quality of life.

Adapting to the new salary system, which operates on a fortnightly basis rather than the monthly system he was familiar with in India, was another change he had to embrace. Still, he remained positive and excited about the future.

Looking forward to his family’s arrival, he hoped that not only would they settle in well but also that other relatives might consider joining them in New Zealand someday.

As he made steady progress in his new life, he submitted his job offer to the immigration authorities, anticipating that he would receive residency within a couple of months.

This milestone would solidify his status as a New Zealand resident, bringing him one step closer to the life he had been dreaming of for himself and his loved ones.

Auckland – New Zealand

Family, Work, and New Beginnings in New Zealand – day 16

As he anticipates the start of this exciting new chapter in his life, he realizes the importance of finding a balance between work and family life. With a new job offer in hand and plans to bring his family to New Zealand, he is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved.

He begins researching schools and community activities for his children, aiming to provide them with a supportive and nurturing environment. He considers enrolling them in sports clubs or art classes, which would not only help them develop new skills but also foster a sense of belonging in their new community.

To help his family adjust to their new surroundings, he and his spouse discuss the importance of maintaining open communication and setting aside quality time for family bonding. They share their excitement about exploring the country’s natural beauty, embracing the local culture, and forming new friendships.

In preparation for his new role at work, he starts networking with his future colleagues to build strong professional relationships. He is eager to learn from their experiences and share his own insights, ultimately contributing to the success of the company. As he settles into his new position, he is determined to prove his worth as a valuable team member.

He also looks into local professional development opportunities, such as workshops and seminars, to further enhance his skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends. This would not only benefit his career progression but also demonstrate his commitment to his new employer.

As his spouse prepares to join the workforce in New Zealand, they discuss their aspirations and the goals they hope to achieve together in this new environment. They are determined to create a harmonious balance between work and family life, forging lasting memories and building a bright future for their family in their new home.

Auckland Zoo – New Zealand

Three Weeks In: A Migrant’s Journey to Success in New Zealand

After completing nearly three weeks in New Zealand, he has achieved significant milestones in his journey as a migrant. Upon arrival, he wasted no time in searching for employment, attending interviews, and eventually securing a job offer. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new environment and different work culture, he remained determined and focused on building a prosperous life for himself and his family.

Throughout his time in New Zealand, he explored various aspects of the country, from visiting local markets and shopping centers to discovering the natural beauty that surrounds him. He continued to maintain close connections with his family back in India, sharing his experiences and preparing for their eventual arrival.

As he navigated the unfamiliar landscape, he found solace in the spiritual significance of holidays like Easter, drawing strength from their messages of hope and renewal. His resilience and unwavering determination led him to success, as he secured a job and began the process of obtaining residency.

With three weeks behind him, he has laid a solid foundation for his future in New Zealand. As he looks forward to the weeks ahead, he continues to embrace the boundless possibilities that await him, striving to create a fulfilling life for himself and his family in their new home.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates on his journey as a migrant in New Zealand, where we’ll delve deeper into his experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Auckland – New Zealand

One Month into a Migrant’s Journey in New Zealand

Time continues to pass, with days blending into weeks, and weeks slowly transforming into months. It’s hard to believe that it has already been a month since he left his home in India to embark on a new journey in New Zealand. Through perseverance and hard work, he overcame the challenges of multiple interviews and finally secured a job in his new home country.

This week, he started his new role and is embracing the learning curve that comes with new experiences. He is finding happiness and satisfaction in his work and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Last week, he was successful in finding a beautiful rental home for his family. The location is truly exceptional, with the house overlooking a vast community garden and an enchanting landscape. During a video call with his family back in India, he shared a virtual tour of their future residence, which seemed like a dream resort to them, offering the promise of a bright and fulfilling future together.

As the days go by, his anticipation grows for the arrival of his family next month. He is eager to welcome them to their new life in this breathtaking land and to start creating wonderful memories together.

He also plans to explore more of New Zealand’s natural beauty and delve deeper into the local culture, ensuring that he and his family can fully immerse themselves in their new environment. They look forward to forging new friendships and building a strong support network within their community.

With each passing day, he becomes more confident in his decision to migrate to New Zealand, and he is excited for the journey that lies ahead for him and his family.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming month.

Auckland Landscape – New Zealand

Emerging Colors of a New Life in New Zealand – six weeks

Six weeks in New Zealand and the rhythm of life here was beginning to feel familiar, less foreign. Each passing day brought with it new experiences and opportunities for growth. He was learning, adapting, and acclimatising to the nuances of this new culture and lifestyle, steadily forging his path in this new land.

As he completed two weeks at his new job, he felt a surge of satisfaction wash over him when he saw his first paycheck deposited into his bank account. This moment was more than just a monetary gain; it was a reaffirmation of his efforts, his struggles, and his resolution to establish a new life in New Zealand. The financial independence he now enjoyed was an empowering testament to his determination, and it instilled in him a renewed sense of confidence and faith in the choices he had made.

Rainbow in Auckland – New Zealand

One memorable day, he was gifted with the majestic spectacle of a rainbow arching over the Auckland skyline. Unable to resist the visual treat, he captured the scene in a photograph. The rainbow, a symbol of promise and positivity, seemed to echo his personal journey. It mirrored the spectrum of his experiences – the challenges, the triumphs, and the steady progress he was making in this foreign land. Much like the rainbow emerging after a storm, he too had weathered his initial trials and was now beginning to reap the rewards of his perseverance.

“Progress is sure” — a simple phrase, yet one that carries profound depth and relevance to his journey. This phrase embodies the essence of his migrant journey in New Zealand, a journey of perseverance, patience, and continuous effort.

Progress is not always marked by leaps and bounds, nor is it always immediate. Instead, progress often comes from smaller, consistent efforts, from the gradual accumulation of small victories and learned experiences. His first days in New Zealand were filled with uncertainty and challenges, but he had not let them deter him. Instead, he used them as stepping stones, fuel for his determination to establish a stable life for himself and his family in this new land.

Each day, he worked diligently towards his goals. He found a job, acclimated himself to his new work environment, secured a rental home, and painstakingly prepared it for his family’s arrival.

The days began to get busier as he embarked on the task of preparing their new home for the arrival of his family. Each item he secured, each piece of furniture he assembled, was a step closer to making the house a warm, inviting space for his loved ones.

The process of assembling the furniture was a learning curve. What started as a struggle with a basic screwdriver soon transformed into a proficient handling of power tools, despite the occasional swollen finger. It was a hands-on experience that not only enriched him with practical skills but also a sense of achievement.

The rented house that once echoed with emptiness was gradually transforming. It is now furnished with carefully selected pieces that breathed life into the space. Every corner of the house is being imbued with a personal touch, eagerly waiting to be filled with the love and laughter of his family.

The upcoming weekend is marked with anticipation. His family is finally joining him, ready to weave their own stories in this new chapter of their lives. The solo journey that he embarked on weeks ago is about to become a shared journey, filled with shared experiences and memories.

The prospect of their arrival added vibrant hues to his canvas of experiences, amplifying his sense of belonging in New Zealand.

A New Home, Familiar Comforts: Migrant to New Zealand – 2 months

It’s been just nearly two months since he embarked on this new chapter, a voyage from his native land to the lush greens and beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Like an artist carefully adding colours to his palette, he has gathered a spectrum of experiences, each one adding depth and texture to his journey as a migrant to New Zealand.

Rewinding back to ten days ago, he busied himself with sprucing up their rental house, transforming the unfamiliar structure into a warm and inviting home. Every piece of furniture was meticulously selected, and each arrangement carefully thought out, creating a welcoming atmosphere for his eagerly awaited family.

His spouse, brimming with a mix of excitement and nostalgia, left India with their children last week. Gathering her belongings, she shared emotional goodbyes with her parents, in-laws, relatives, and friends. It wasn’t just the departure from a familiar place, but also an emotional farewell to a chapter of their lives. The goodbyes were heavy with emotion, leaving behind loved ones and a life that they had known all too well.

The moment her flight lifted off the tarmac, she waved a silent goodbye to her homeland. The sight of the receding land from the airplane window was a stark reminder of the massive leap they had taken into an unknown journey.

With teary eyes, she looked forward to the new journey awaiting her and her family. As she comforted herself with thoughts of their impending reunion, she dreamt about inviting their loved ones to visit them in New Zealand one day. She envisioned hosting their loved ones in their new home in New Zealand, an aspiration that provided comfort during this poignant farewell.

Although bidding farewell to her homeland stirred a whirlpool of emotions within her, the journey that lay ahead presented its own unique set of challenges. The prospect of managing her children single-handedly during the long flight was one that filled her with apprehension. In this unfamiliar milieu, she was to bear the responsibility of their care, safety, and comfort, a daunting task.

To her immense relief, the airline staff stepped forward to provide invaluable assistance, easing her burdens significantly. Their professionalism, combined with a palpable sense of empathy, lent an unexpected smoothness to the entire boarding process. Their support, both in managing her children and in navigating the practical aspects of air travel, served as a comforting presence in an otherwise challenging journey.

The assistance provided by the airline acted as a reassuring balm against the emotional upheaval she was experiencing. It was a reminder that while she was stepping into an uncertain future, there were systems and people in place to facilitate her transition. This unexpected support not only offered her respite but also fortified her spirit, transforming a potentially stressful situation into a manageable experience.

During a stopover in Singapore, a minor hiccup arose when she couldn’t connect with her family due to network issues. However, she found comfort in the camaraderie of another Indian family also migrating to New Zealand. This unexpected acquaintance not only helped her connect with her spouse but also sparked a new friendship that promised to be beneficial, given that the family worked in the health sector.

The previous week heralded the long-awaited moment of reunion for the family. Accompanied by a friend who generously offered his assistance, he navigated through the bustling airport to collect his family, their faces glowing with anticipation. The journey back to their new home was filled with laughter and shared stories of their individual adventures in his absence, making the drive seem both short and sweet.

The instant they crossed the threshold of their new home, the house began to resonate with life. The echoes of their children’s innocent laughter and excited chatter seeped into every room, infusing the space with warmth and vitality. Their youthful excitement as they explored each room, their small hands touching and claiming their surroundings, brought an ineffable sense of completion and belonging.

This was not just a house; it was their home – a haven for their dreams and a foundation for their shared future. Their arrival and the simple joy they brought with them transformed this space into their sanctuary. The air now carried the undeniable scent of their presence, the walls now echoed their shared memories, and the rooms now held the promise of countless stories yet to unfold. The excitement that filled their new home was tangible, making this moment of reunion a cherished milestone in their journey as migrants to New Zealand.

The subsequent days after their joyful reunion swiftly transformed into a flurry of activity. The reunited family was now a single unit, diligently focused on acclimatizing themselves to the unfamiliar environment. Weather patterns, drastically different from those in India, demanded a considerable period of adaptation. Simultaneously, the persistent effects of jet lag were an additional challenge they collectively grappled with.

However, in their unity as a family, they found strength. They embarked on an explorative journey to familiarize themselves with the enchanting city of Auckland. Their new residence, the peculiar lifestyle of the Kiwis, their local neighborhood, and the intricate network of roads all presented a novel spectacle. As new inhabitants of these localities, every facet of their surroundings was an invitation to a unique, exhilarating adventure.

Their status as migrants lent a fresh perspective to their lives, with each day unraveling a new aspect of their adopted homeland. The daily scenes that might have been commonplace for the locals were, for them, an exciting blend of culture and lifestyle they were eager to assimilate.

In the midst of these transformative changes and fresh beginnings, there were certain aspects of their previous life that offered a comforting sense of familiarity. One of these was the sheer delight of indulging in their cherished Indian meals – the aromatic rice, robust dals, spice-infused sabzis, and fluffy paranthas – that served as an edible connection to their roots.

Savoring these traditional dishes at their dining table in New Zealand wasn’t just about filling their stomachs, but also about filling their hearts with warmth and a sense of belonging. It was as though each morsel contained within it a memory of home, soothing their yearning for the familiar amidst the unfamiliarity of their new life.

These homely flavors, in a sense, served as a gastronomic bridge between their past in India and their present in New Zealand. It was a culinary embodiment of their dual identity, celebrating their Indian heritage while embracing their Kiwi lifestyle.

This infusion of traditional Indian cuisine into their daily life in New Zealand brought a dash of vibrancy to their migrant journey. It made the assimilation process more enjoyable and enriching, not merely a quest for survival but a flavorful exploration of a life interwoven with two cultures. This gastronomic journey played a pivotal role in their overall migration experience, encapsulating the intricate balance of maintaining one’s cultural identity while embracing a new one.

The previous week held a sense of poignant silence for his parents back in India. The absence of their son’s family, the hush that replaced the kids’ usual laughter and chatter, gave the house an unfamiliar quietude. It was as though the walls echoed with memories, stirring a mix of nostalgia and melancholy within them. Their home, once brimming with life and activity, felt oddly vacant. They grappled with the reality of their solitude, an unsettling stillness that they had not anticipated.

Simultaneously, they also experienced a sense of being left behind, a feeling of abandonment gnawing at their hearts. The joy of their son’s successful migration was tinged with a personal sense of loss, leaving them uncertain and conflicted about their emotions.

However, technology bridged this physical distance and brought a slice of their son’s new life in New Zealand right to their home in India. The moment they saw their grandkids’ faces light up on the video call, their spirits instantly lifted. It was as though the digital screen transcended geographical boundaries, momentarily blurring the miles that separated them.

Their eyes sparkled with joy when they saw their grandkids splashing around and playing in the bathtub, their laughter echoing through the video call, reaching straight to their grandparents’ hearts in India. This sight, this moment of pure, unadulterated joy, was a balm to their longing hearts. It reminded them that although they were physically distant, the bond of love remained as strong as ever.

Seeing their family thrive and find happiness in their new home in New Zealand infused a renewed vigor into them. It was a poignant reminder that their solitude was a sacrifice made for the happiness of their children and grandchildren – a sacrifice they would willingly make time and again.

Auckland beach

The Journey Continues for a Migrant Family in New Zealand

The transition from India to New Zealand has now spanned two and a half months as a journey of a migrant to New Zealand. As the weeks passed, each member of the family has been gradually finding their rhythm in this new environment, in their new home away from home.

A significant milestone was the admission of their elder child into a nearby school. Despite the unfamiliarity and the lack of Indian classmates, the child embraced the new learning environment with enthusiasm, eager to explore this fresh chapter in their life.

Healthcare, being one of the primary concerns for any migrant, was duly addressed when the kids were immunized in accordance with New Zealand’s health system. For the younger one, the experience was accompanied by the joy of achieving a new milestone – the initiation of crawling. The moment brought immense joy not only to the parents but also to the grandparents in India, who witnessed the delightful progress through a video call, their hearts swelling with pride and love.

The past fortnight had also been filled with essential shopping sprees in the vibrant, sprawling malls of Auckland. Whether it was finding the perfect school supplies for the elder child or stocking up on baby essentials for the younger one, each outing was a new adventure, a further step towards settling into their new life.

The daily routine now included the school drop-offs and pick-ups. The regular journeys to and from school offered opportunities to explore their neighborhood further and observe the local life up-close.

For his parents back in India, a new routine has evolved as well. The mornings and afternoons buzzed with the anticipation of video calls from New Zealand. The energy and excitement were palpable as they waited to hear about their son’s experiences, to catch a glimpse of their grandchildren’s growth, and to share a few moments of virtual togetherness.

Evenings, though quieter due to the time difference, were times of reflection and satisfaction. Seeing their son and his family contented and progressing in New Zealand brought a sense of fulfilment and quiet joy. Despite the physical distance, they felt connected, sharing in the joys, triumphs, and everyday moments of their loved ones in New Zealand.

Embracing Changes: A Migrant Family’s Growth in New Zealand – 4 months

As the calendar pages turn, it’s swiftly nearing the completion of four months since he took the bold leap from his motherland, India, embarking on a transformative journey as a migrant to New Zealand. The new country, once strange and unfamiliar, is now gradually becoming home, its landscapes etching themselves onto his heart.

His family – his spouse and their cherubic children – have also marked two full months in this lush island country. The initial whirlwind of change has started to simmer down, paving the way for routines and a sense of normalcy. They, too, are absorbing the essence of being a migrant in New Zealand, embracing their new lives with courage and grace.

Their eldest child, full of curiosity and resilience, has found a place in a nearby school in Auckland. Despite the initial hesitation, the child is displaying a commendable ability to adapt, showing good performance in a completely different educational setting. It’s a different landscape altogether, where each day brings new learnings, friends, and experiences.

The youngest one, blissfully unaware of the complexities of the migration process, is completely immersed in a world of personal development and exploration. This little one is learning to navigate the surroundings, with tiny hands and knees brushing against the immaculate floors of the New Zealand abode. Each crawl, each attempt to stand, and every tiny accomplishment is a source of immense joy for the family. These heartwarming milestones serve as poignant reminders of life’s vitality, blossoming beautifully amidst all the significant changes they’ve embraced as a migrant family in New Zealand.

Life is now filled with an assortment of daily tasks. From house chores to work commitments, from school runs to playtime sessions – a sense of order is emerging from the initial chaos. It’s the small routines that are grounding them, helping them find their pace in the fast-moving life as migrants in New Zealand.

With the changing seasons, the weather is starting to reflect a cooler, rainier pattern. The once bright and sunny days are now often veiled with soft rain and colder temperatures. However, the family is learning to adapt to these changes too, understanding that it’s all part of the unique New Zealand experience.

Back in India, the absence of the family is deeply felt. Relatives and family members find their hearts yearning for the laughter and warmth that once filled their homes. Yet, the miracle of technology bridges this distance. Regular catch-up sessions over calls, the exchange of stories, and shared laughter remind everyone that while miles may separate them physically, they remain close at heart.

Indeed, as migrants in New Zealand, life is a beautiful mix of new experiences, growth, and a constant connection to their roots. And with each passing day, their bond with their new home grows stronger.

Six Months in a New Home: A Milestone for a Migrant Family in New Zealand

Time has a way of moving at its own pace, and for this migrant family, the half-year mark since leaving India for New Zealand has finally arrived. Each tick of the clock has been a marker of adaptation and transformation, which has now spanned a full six months. Even the family’s parents in India are mentally ticking off the days, measuring the six months of their son’s family’s life in a new land against their own sense of time and space.

The transition into this new environment, far from their homeland, has been smoother than anticipated. The husband, wife, and their children are now fully integrated into their new setting, each member finding their own space and pace in this Kiwi landscape. This is no small feat for a family who had uprooted their lives and ventured into a new culture, a new set of social norms, and a completely new ecosystem.

The eldest child, thriving in the new educational atmosphere, has started speaking with the unmistakable Auckland accent. It’s an auditory confirmation of how well the child is meshing into the local culture, a blending of phonetics that symbolizes a much broader integration. School has not just been about academics; it has become a place of cultural osmosis, shaping the young mind for a global future.

As for the younger child, every milestone is a spectacle in its own right. No longer confined to crawling, the toddler has taken to walking on the sturdy floors of their Auckland home. The small, yet monumental, feat of climbing onto the sofa on their own signifies the child’s growing independence. These innocent strides are all witnessed and celebrated by both the immediate family in New Zealand and the grandparents in India, thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Amidst all these personal milestones, there was a significant financial one too—the purchase of a new car. This wasn’t just about mobility; it was a symbol of settling down, of laying down roots in a foreign land. Initially, the roads of Auckland felt like a labyrinth to navigate. With the help of a friend, however, he became accustomed to the new driving conditions. Proudly sharing photographs of the new vehicle with his parents in India, he could sense their smiles radiating through the digital screens.

The car has since become more than just a mode of transportation. It’s a family vessel that carries them to grocery stores for weekly shopping, to the office for work, and along the scenic routes that only serve to remind them of the natural beauty of their new home country.

Winter in Auckland is now receding, giving way to warmer days, symbolic perhaps of the family’s own thawing into their new environment. Each day adds a new layer of comfort and familiarity to their expatriate life. Regular video calls to their parents back in India serve as a digital umbilical cord, a source of emotional sustenance and a conduit for sharing every small and big news about their lives as migrants in New Zealand.

The tapestry of their lives continues to be woven with threads of varying hues—some old, some new—but each one contributing to a vibrant mosaic of migrant life. As they round off their first half-year in New Zealand, there is much to be thankful for and much to look forward to. They are not just surviving; they are thriving, each in their own unique way. And that makes all the difference.

New-Zealand Evening

Seven Months into the Migrant Journey to New Zealand

Time ticks by, measured not just in seconds, minutes, and hours, but in the profound experiences of life that define our existence. It’s been seven months since he embarked on a life-changing journey from India to New Zealand—a journey that has reshaped the contours of his family’s life and left an indelible mark on those they left behind.

As the calendar flips to this significant month, a bittersweet symphony plays for the family. Back in India, the absence of the young migrant family is increasingly felt by parents, relatives, and friends, especially now as the festive spirit of Diwali permeates the air. Streets are lined with lights, homes are decked with the warmth of earthen lamps, and there’s a tangible feeling of joy and togetherness. Amidst these preparations, his parents have cleaned their home, continuing traditions, yet with heavy hearts knowing that this year, the glow of their family’s presence will be missing from the celebrations.

The Indian autumn ushers in cooler days, a stark contrast to the changing seasons they now experience in New Zealand, where the chill of winter gives way to the promise of spring. As the climate shifts, so does the life they’ve built. The eldest child, now with a Kiwi lilt to their voice, shares videos with their grandparents, showcasing their new-found linguistic flair—a badge of adaptation and growth.

The younger sibling, once tentative on their feet, now walks with the freedom and curiosity that only a toddler can possess, exploring the vastness of their new home on two confident legs. Their progression marks not only their physical growth but also the journey of their family, taking bold steps into a new chapter of their lives.

The car, once a new and daunting investment, has become a trusted companion, ferrying them to various destinations—from the routine stops at markets and the office to the joyful escapades on Sunday picnics in the picturesque environs of Auckland. These trips are captured in photos and videos, sent across oceans and continents with pride to their family in India, allowing them to partake in the adventures, albeit virtually.

Now, at the seven-month mark, there is a palpable sense of settlement. The pieces of the puzzle that seemed scattered on arrival are fitting together to reveal the bigger picture of their lives as migrants in New Zealand. There’s a rhythm to their routines, a familiarity with their surroundings, and a sense of community that they are slowly becoming a part of. The journey has been laced with challenges, but the resilience and unity of the family have turned these challenges into stepping stones.

They are not only creating a life in a new country; they are becoming a part of its fabric, weaving their personal history into the rich tapestry of multicultural New Zealand. As they navigate through this transformative phase of their lives, they acknowledge that settling in has been a layered process—one that involves physical, emotional, and spiritual recalibration.

With Diwali around the corner, they prepare to celebrate in a foreign land, carrying the essence of their traditions across borders. Lights will be lit, sweets will be shared, and prayers will be offered, all while memories of past celebrations back home will flicker in their minds, igniting feelings of nostalgia.

As their family in India braces for a festival tinged with longing, the young family in New Zealand embraces a future illuminated by the warmth of their dreams and aspirations. They’ve found comfort in their new surroundings and solace in each other, affirming that home is not just a place, but a feeling—one that they carry with them, no matter where they are in the world.

New Zealand Sky

Beyond the Horizon: A Year of New Beginnings in New Zealand

As the Earth completes another orbit around the Sun, so marks the anniversary of his departure from India—a year filled with discoveries, adjustments, and newfound joys. This milestone underscores not just the passage of time but the monumental strides taken by him and his family in their adopted homeland, New Zealand.

Time, indeed, has wings. It propels forward with relentless momentum, much like a rocket soaring into space or the swift closure of an eye, encapsulating a year’s journey in what feels like mere moments. In his heartfelt message back to India, he marveled at the swift passage of time, noting, “It’s been 1 year already” and “Time flies so fast.” These words, shared with a relative, echoed the astonishment and the reflective introspection that this milestone evoked.

New Zealand, once an unfamiliar territory teeming with uncertainty, has transformed into their sanctuary—a land that now evokes the warmth of home. The entire family, including his wife and kids, has seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of this new society, embracing its rules, routines, and the diverse community that makes up this vibrant land.

The elder child, a beacon of adaptability, has made commendable progress in school. Showing an impressive capacity to absorb new information, they have particularly excelled in learning Maori, the native language of New Zealand, endearing themselves to their native friends. Their ability to communicate fluently in the local dialect, capturing the nuances of tone and speed, is a source of pride and joy for their grandparents back in India, who relish these moments through videos and video calls.

The younger child, too, has hit their own milestones, mastering the arts of standing and walking on the soils of this distant land. These significant moments of growth, shared through the lens of technology, bring smiles and happiness to their grandparents, who, despite the geographical distance, feel closely connected to the life unfolding in New Zealand.

The family’s explorations have extended beyond the immediate neighborhood, thanks to the freedom afforded by their own car. The roads of Auckland and beyond have become their canvas, with each journey painting a picture of adventure and discovery. For him, obtaining a New Zealand driving license was not just a procedural achievement but a symbolic one, marking his growing independence and integration into the local community.

As he reflects on the year gone by, it’s evident that the journey of establishing himself and his family in New Zealand is well underway. The accomplishments achieved, from educational milestones and linguistic achievements to the joys of exploration and the establishment of a stable life, all signify a year well spent.

As they look forward to what the next chapter holds, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement. The narrative of this migrant family in New Zealand continues to unfold, with the promise of more stories, achievements, and experiences to share.

Stay tuned for the next part of their story, coming next month, as they continue to navigate life in their new motherland, embracing every challenge and opportunity with resilience and grace.

Ruakuri Caves – New Zealand

A Year of Transformation for a Migrant Family in New Zealand

Time has a subtle way of marking its passage. Each fleeting second gradually accumulates, transforming into weeks, months, and eventually years. Some dates and days become indelible markers on the timeline of one’s life, highlighting significant moments that shape our journeys.

Today is one such day for this family. It marks exactly one year since his spouse and their children left their homeland of India to join him in Auckland, New Zealand. This anniversary is a poignant reminder of the strides they have taken and the resilience they have shown in establishing a new life in a foreign land.

In the span of a year, they have settled into their new environment, managing the complexities of living in a new country with grace and determination. The initial period of adjustment has given way to a sense of stability and routine.

The eldest child has shown remarkable adaptability, learning and thriving in their new educational setting. With a keen enthusiasm for learning, they have progressed to the next level in school, a testament to their ability to embrace change and excel in a different academic system.

The younger child, vibrant and active, has integrated well with other kids. This month marked another milestone as they started attending a crèche, or play school, engaging in new social interactions and developmental activities. Watching the younger one mingle and grow in this nurturing environment brings a sense of joy and accomplishment to the family.

Despite the physical distance, the family remains closely connected with their parents, relatives, and friends in India through regular calls and video chats. These virtual interactions bridge the gap, allowing them to share their experiences and stay involved in each other’s lives.

As time passes, the longing and nostalgia for their presence grow stronger among their loved ones in India. The reality of their absence becomes more pronounced, highlighting the emotional challenges that accompany the physical distance.

Recently, the family shared some breathtaking and mystical photos taken around their home in Auckland. One image captured the ethereal beauty of their garden in the morning, shrouded in a mist that lent an almost cinematic quality to the scene. Another photo featured the stunning spectacle of Aurora lights illuminating the night sky, a mesmerizing display of colors that painted the heavens above their backyard. These moments of natural beauty, captured and shared, are a testament to the wonders of their new home and the awe-inspiring experiences they continue to encounter.

As they reflect on the past year, there is a sense of achievement and contentment. They have not only survived but thrived, building a life filled with new memories and experiences. The journey of being a migrant family in New Zealand is ongoing, with each day bringing new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Stay tuned for the next part of their story, coming next month, as they continue to navigate life in their new motherland. Visit us again to follow their journey and witness the unfolding narrative of their adventure and adaptation in this beautiful land.

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Aurora lights – Auckland, NewZealand

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