Seven Months into the Migrant Journey to New Zealand

Time ticks by, measured not just in seconds, minutes, and hours, but in the profound experiences of life that define our existence. It’s been seven months since he embarked on a life-changing journey from India to New Zealand—a journey that has reshaped the contours of his family’s life and left an indelible mark on those they left behind.

As the calendar flips to this significant month, a bittersweet symphony plays for the family. Back in India, the absence of the young migrant family is increasingly felt by parents, relatives, and friends, especially now as the festive spirit of Diwali permeates the air. Streets are lined with lights, homes are decked with the warmth of earthen lamps, and there’s a tangible feeling of joy and togetherness. Amidst these preparations, his parents have cleaned their home, continuing traditions, yet with heavy hearts knowing that this year, the glow of their family’s presence will be missing from the celebrations.

The Indian autumn ushers in cooler days, a stark contrast to the changing seasons they now experience in New Zealand, where the chill of winter gives way to the promise of spring. As the climate shifts, so does the life they’ve built. The eldest child, now with a Kiwi lilt to their voice, shares videos with their grandparents, showcasing their new-found linguistic flair—a badge of adaptation and growth.

The younger sibling, once tentative on their feet, now walks with the freedom and curiosity that only a toddler can possess, exploring the vastness of their new home on two confident legs. Their progression marks not only their physical growth but also the journey of their family, taking bold steps into a new chapter of their lives.

The car, once a new and daunting investment, has become a trusted companion, ferrying them to various destinations—from the routine stops at markets and the office to the joyful escapades on Sunday picnics in the picturesque environs of Auckland. These trips are captured in photos and videos, sent across oceans and continents with pride to their family in India, allowing them to partake in the adventures, albeit virtually.

Now, at the seven-month mark, there is a palpable sense of settlement. The pieces of the puzzle that seemed scattered on arrival are fitting together to reveal the bigger picture of their lives as migrants in New Zealand. There’s a rhythm to their routines, a familiarity with their surroundings, and a sense of community that they are slowly becoming a part of. The journey has been laced with challenges, but the resilience and unity of the family have turned these challenges into stepping stones.

They are not only creating a life in a new country; they are becoming a part of its fabric, weaving their personal history into the rich tapestry of multicultural New Zealand. As they navigate through this transformative phase of their lives, they acknowledge that settling in has been a layered process—one that involves physical, emotional, and spiritual recalibration.

With Diwali around the corner, they prepare to celebrate in a foreign land, carrying the essence of their traditions across borders. Lights will be lit, sweets will be shared, and prayers will be offered, all while memories of past celebrations back home will flicker in their minds, igniting feelings of nostalgia.

As their family in India braces for a festival tinged with longing, the young family in New Zealand embraces a future illuminated by the warmth of their dreams and aspirations. They’ve found comfort in their new surroundings and solace in each other, affirming that home is not just a place, but a feeling—one that they carry with them, no matter where they are in the world.

New Zealand Sky