Embracing New Beginnings: Gratitude and Planning for Family Life in New Zealand – day 14

As he held the offer letter from the company that selected him, a sense of accomplishment washed over him. Today, he also had an interview with another company, which went well. He remains optimistic about the possibility of a second interview in the upcoming week.

However, his mind is set on accepting the offer from the first company tomorrow. He’s already planning for his family’s arrival in New Zealand and is starting to search for a suitable rental home for them to live in. The salary offered is not luxurious, but it’s decent enough to support his family. Moreover, his spouse will also have the opportunity to work, which would further contribute to their family income.

In the evening, he visited the Bharatiya Mandir Hindu Temple in Auckland, accompanied by his friend who drove him there. Unfortunately, they arrived late, and the temple doors were closed. Despite this, he stood outside the temple, bowed his head, and expressed his gratitude to the gods for guiding him on this journey. He felt truly thankful for the opportunity to build a new life for himself and his family in the beautiful foreign land of New Zealand.

Bharatiya Mandir Hindu Temple in Auckland