Financial Adjustments and New Beginnings in New Zealand – day 15

Adjusting to his new job offer, he took the time to understand the financial aspects of living in New Zealand. He discovered that the income tax liability was higher than what he was used to, approximately 33%. Despite this, he remained optimistic and focused on the benefits of his new life.

He calculated that about 50% of his income would go towards rent and bills, but he was confident that the remaining 50% would afford him and his family a comfortable lifestyle in New Zealand. With a strong work ethic and determination, he believed that his salary would increase over time, further improving their quality of life.

Adapting to the new salary system, which operates on a fortnightly basis rather than the monthly system he was familiar with in India, was another change he had to embrace. Still, he remained positive and excited about the future.

Looking forward to his family’s arrival, he hoped that not only would they settle in well but also that other relatives might consider joining them in New Zealand someday.

As he made steady progress in his new life, he submitted his job offer to the immigration authorities, anticipating that he would receive residency within a couple of months.

This milestone would solidify his status as a New Zealand resident, bringing him one step closer to the life he had been dreaming of for himself and his loved ones.

Auckland – New Zealand