Migranz – a migrant to New Zealand – day 3

In Auckland, the skies were painted with a gentle drizzle, and a cool breeze whispered through the air. The city was abuzz with festive spirit, as residents prepared to celebrate Good Friday and the subsequent long weekend. The holiday atmosphere filled the streets, as people took a break from their daily routines to spend time with loved ones and revel in the occasion.

With the guidance of his friend, he ventured out to a nearby market to gather provisions for his meals. Navigating the vibrant stalls and aisles, he marveled at the array of fresh produce and local delicacies on offer. It was a perfect opportunity for him to acquaint himself with the flavors and culinary traditions of his new home.

Back at his friend’s house, he found himself with ample time on his hands. He seized the opportunity to connect with his family members in India, sharing stories and giving them a virtual tour of the cozy abode he was temporarily calling home. Though he enjoyed these cherished conversations, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of boredom, as he yearned to begin exploring his new environment and immerse himself in the diverse experiences that New Zealand had to offer.

Lane view – Titirangi