Journey as a migrant to New Zealand – day 1

With an air of anticipation and excitement, he embarks on a transformative journey to the verdant landscapes of New Zealand. As the day of his departure finally dawns, he prepares to embrace his new identity as an NRI – Non-Resident Indian. Venturing beyond the familiar shores of his homeland, he eagerly sets forth to discover uncharted territories, vibrant cultures, and limitless opportunities in this distant land.

Embarking on this journey in pursuit of greater prospects, he seeks to enhance both his career in the IT industry and the lives of his family. With aspirations to enrich their collective experience, this migration to New Zealand marks a significant turning point. As time progresses and he establishes roots in this new land, he anticipates acquiring permanent residency. In doing so, he will proudly adopt the title of an NRI, symbolizing his transformative journey and personal growth.

Today marked a poignant farewell, as he bade adieu to his family and the warmth of his home. With a heart filled with mixed emotions, he embarked on his journey, boarding the Singapore Airlines flight from New Delhi airport.

Take off path from New Delhi Airport
Take off path from New Delhi Airport

Bound for Singapore, this stopover served as a stepping stone towards his ultimate destination, the enchanting land of New Zealand. As the plane soared into the skies, he left behind familiar ground, embracing the promise of an exciting new chapter in his life.