The Journey Continues for a Migrant Family in New Zealand

The transition from India to New Zealand has now spanned two and a half months as a journey of a migrant to New Zealand. As the weeks passed, each member of the family has been gradually finding their rhythm in this new environment, in their new home away from home.

A significant milestone was the admission of their elder child into a nearby school. Despite the unfamiliarity and the lack of Indian classmates, the child embraced the new learning environment with enthusiasm, eager to explore this fresh chapter in their life.

Healthcare, being one of the primary concerns for any migrant, was duly addressed when the kids were immunized in accordance with New Zealand’s health system. For the younger one, the experience was accompanied by the joy of achieving a new milestone – the initiation of crawling. The moment brought immense joy not only to the parents but also to the grandparents in India, who witnessed the delightful progress through a video call, their hearts swelling with pride and love.

The past fortnight had also been filled with essential shopping sprees in the vibrant, sprawling malls of Auckland. Whether it was finding the perfect school supplies for the elder child or stocking up on baby essentials for the younger one, each outing was a new adventure, a further step towards settling into their new life.

The daily routine now included the school drop-offs and pick-ups. The regular journeys to and from school offered opportunities to explore their neighborhood further and observe the local life up-close.

For his parents back in India, a new routine has evolved as well. The mornings and afternoons buzzed with the anticipation of video calls from New Zealand. The energy and excitement were palpable as they waited to hear about their son’s experiences, to catch a glimpse of their grandchildren’s growth, and to share a few moments of virtual togetherness.

Evenings, though quieter due to the time difference, were times of reflection and satisfaction. Seeing their son and his family contented and progressing in New Zealand brought a sense of fulfilment and quiet joy. Despite the physical distance, they felt connected, sharing in the joys, triumphs, and everyday moments of their loved ones in New Zealand.