Second Weekend Adventures and Anticipation in New Zealand – day 11

As he enters his second weekend in New Zealand, the previous week feels shorter due to the Easter Monday holiday. Auckland’s overcast weather sets a cozy atmosphere for the weekend, inviting him to spend time indoors.

Staying at home, he uses this time to catch up on chores such as washing clothes and organizing his living space. With an upcoming interview on Tuesday, he also dedicates time to research and preparation, ensuring he’s ready to seize any opportunity that comes his way.

To kick off the weekend, he shares a delicious breakfast of beans and scrambled eggs with another tenant living in the house. The camaraderie and conversation make the meal all the more enjoyable and add to the feeling of settling into his new life.

Beans and scrambled eggs with bread

His friend and the house’s owner is set to return from India on Monday at noon. Their arrival is another significant event to look forward to, as it marks the start of a new chapter for both of them in New Zealand.

With confidence and determination, he eagerly anticipates the coming week, hoping for positive news about his job prospects in New Zealand. As he continues to adapt to his new surroundings, he remains optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead, ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of his new life.

Upper Nihotupu Dam, Auckland’s second-oldest water supply dam, marked its 100th anniversary on Friday. Located in the Waitakere Ranges, it is one of five dams in the area and contributes to the Huia Treatment Plant. As one of the two gravity-fed dams, it provides a sustainable water source for Auckland, delivering 22 million liters of water daily.

Upper Nihotupu Dam – Auckland, New Zealand